Monday, April 6, 2009

Sakuras and Peni

Sakura season is finally here! Although the allergies suck, the blossoms are so brilliant that its worth it. Their lifespan is so short so everyones trying to work Hanami parties into their schedules and things like that. busy busy month for all. Heres a picture from Ueno Park

Erin, Justin and I spent half the day in Ueno Park, taking pictures, and just hanging out. We rented a swan boat and peddled around the "lake" under all the blossoms. quite picturesque.

The next day, we went to Kanamara Festival aka Penis Festival near Yokohama, it was in Kawasaki Daishi. The pictures are pretty self explanatory


Which do you dislike more?

There are three kinds of students, this goes for mostly elementary school kids.

1. Smart, but too smart so they become naughty in class since they are bored and not challenged enough, so they dont try. They're usually the ones who can pick up really quick but are badly behaved in class.
2. The not so smart kids who try but get easily frustrated, then just give up.
3. The not so smart kids who just are bad kids and dont try and just just all sorts of bad.
4. The unresponsive students who simply just dont talk.

Which ones would you choose not to teach if you had a choice? If I had a choice, all my students would be little geniuses but then I'd be out of a job.

My choice would be to not teach the unresponsive kids. I have a 7 year old and a 12 year old from two different schools. They dont answer questions and they just dont want to do any work. Theres nothing I can do so I just ignore them and then I feel bad.

Oh well, I still get paid, its their loss. My 12 year old student took 15 minutes to draw a happy face on the board today, hes not a bad kid, just doesnt get it. He's only got 30 minute class! What a waste of time.