Thursday, June 18, 2009


My 5 year old kids singing the ABC song and coloring. whatt cutiess :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Theres a first time for everything

I went to the onsen with Erin and Allison bright and early today. Onsens typically dont allow people to enter with tattoos because tattoos are often associated with the yakuza (gang). Erin has a few tattoos, nothing big and nothing that looks like it would be associated with the gangs. An old lady who was working at the onsen came over to use while we were showering and started talking to us in Japanese. She basically said tattoos arent allowed and that she'd have to leave or put on some clothes. Of course, we didnt understand her very well but the lady was convinced I was Japanese! I kept saying I dont speak Japanese and that I dont understand but she kept staring and talking directly to me as if I was lying to her. After a good 5 minutes, she left and we went about our business in the hot springs. While we were showering and getting ready to leave, she came over again and started talking to me only. She was spoke to me as if Allison and Erin werent there. I still told her I didnt understand and that I dont speak any Japanese. She didnt really care and jsut kept talking away. After two minutes of her nonsense, she came close to me and whispered something in my ear. Unfortunately, I dont have a clue what she said. I just thought that was super rude since I kept insisting I didnt understand. In the end, she still thought I was lying to her. Thats the first time its happened to me where someone thought I was lying! Its just frustrating and I didnt know what to do or say.

Most foreigners here have the opposite experience. Many ignorant Japanese people refuse or wont sit next to them on the train, or just stare at them becuase they look different. Up until now, I hadnt experienced that kind of discrimination. Sure, I've had people stop me to ask for directions or talk directly to me at restaurants (when I'm with other foreigners) but never anyone persisting that I do speak Japanese... I mean, wouldnt I know if I spoke Japanese?? Sheesh...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

happy 7 months

Its been 7 months since I've been in Japan, a lot has happened in the last two months. i wont go into detail but in short, there has been mail theft, golden week, my sisters visit, and my decision to leave japan. Yes, that's right, I'm coming home baby!

My mail theft started happening back in February but I wasn't positive about it until mid April. I was in a rush for work one day, checked my mail, saw my electricity bill and left for work. After work around 9pm, I came home to an empty mailbox. Anyway, this whole ordeal happened and it wasnt taken care of and even still, I am still being charged late fees and making up for missing bills which is totally no fault and head office should take full responsibility for it, yet they are not.

On to bigger and better things, Golden week in Taiwan was super awesome! Hung out mostly with family, ate great food, what could be better! After Golden week, my sister flew with me back to Japan. We ate, we cooked, we went to onsens, fish market, etc. It was just a good time and nice to have another familiar face visit.

I do have to say tho... my apartment is not made for more than one person! Its just too cramped and you have no where to go! All in all, I'm happy that all my visitors could make it and it made Japan even more fun and special.

I'm trying to do as much as I can in the next few weeks but it'll be hard with packing and work still. See you all in NY July 15!!! Mark your calendars!