Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Powerless for 43 hours

Hurricane Irene hit the east coast this weekend. I personally didnt blieve it was going to make a huge dent in the tristate area, more so NY/Long Island. Stores and restaurants all around shut down starting Saturday early afternoon. The buzz and hype about Irene was incredible. Supermarkets were cleaned out, gas stations were out of gas, the world seemed like it was really ending!There was slight drizzle and rain until about 9pm Saturday. The rain started to come down around 10pm, which is also when the winds started. I was playing mahjong with the family and around 230am, the power went out. We waited and waited and waited... power at my sisters went out around 5am and they live 2 miles away. Sunday morning, the sky had cleared a bit but still no power. Roads were closed, trees were down, parks were flooded, and traffic lights were out. We ended up making breakfast/lunch on a gas grill and might I say, it was damn delicious. We made cha siew fried rice, miso soup, chapaghetti, and instant noodles. Monday morning, the skies looked so clear and cloudless it looked like Irene never touched us. Monday afternoon, still no power! This was starting to get a bit absurd. After dinner tonight around 9PM, the power FINALLY was back! I have never been so happy see electricity. All in all, we made it through and everyone is safe.