Monday, June 4, 2012

Soba Totto

Now that I am living in NYC, we tend to have random family dinners in the city. Though we have our favorite spots, we're starting to explore a bit more. We've gone to Soba Totto a few times and its never disappointed us. We had my 1.5 year old nephew with us and it wasnt a problem with noise or being kid friendly. Staff was attentive and service was good. We ordered a slew of tapas, rice dishes, and soba of course. Soba Totto is pretty intimate and space isnt huge but good for a smaller party. Some of the smaller plates (shown below) we ordered fried avocado, beef tounge, bacon wrapped inoki, 3 tastings of their homemade tofu, grilled fatty salmon (salmon belly), and fried chicken wings. It was unanimous that our ultimate favorite was the beef tongue. The first order was good so we ordered a second and it was grilled to perfection. It was fresh, thick cut, and well seasoned. I would go back just for that! The soba is freshly made so that was a real treat as well. My sister and I actually went to an event at Soba Totto where they demonstrated soba making and the process is quite complicated but the quality of the soba is totally worth it. One of the better izakayas around! Great date place too! 
Soba Totto 5/11/12