Monday, May 23, 2011

cute overload

Recently, I feel like i've been surrounded by babies. Not that its a bad thing but I feel like its making me grow up so fast. Hell, I dont even have a boyfriend to be able to think about marriage yet babies are everywhere i look! I love my nephew and hes the cutest bundle of joy ever but I know way toooo much. There are some things that should stay between the mother, father, and baby... Either way, I love infants way too much! Very excited that my friends and my sisters friends have a few more babies on the way. :) On another note, child photography is extremely hard. one out of ever twenty pictures is perfect. just gotta keep at it. I wish my creative eye was a bit better and i just had more motivation to work at it. I randomly found a friends blog and its a photojournal of the end of his college days, army days and events of his life. A photo a day is his theme and its definitely not easy. Time just flies and you dont even know where time goes. A year is quick in photos... - well said but def an understatement. sometimes i wish i could just slow time down and just freeze the good times. anyway, enough debbie downer talk... memorial day is almost here! lets keep our fingers crossed for the warm weather.

i'll leave with you this cute face :)
From Basi's Photobook Month 0-7

Monday, May 16, 2011

one day

I thought i had it figured out by now.... in fact, i really have nothing figured out. time after time, i keep hoping and wishing and it all just keeps crashing down on me. I feel like i just dont have any hope anymore. I've finally decided to move on with everything. I'm no longer looking for anything. That doesnt mean i dont long for that special someone to spend my life with but i'm done searching. one day... he'll find me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

learning to crawl

the big 25... its almost like learning to walk all over again. its half way through my 25th year and so much has happened. 5 months ago, I passed my PHR, one of the bigger accomplishments of my life. I'm an actual professional! well, anyway... ever since the test, travel has been a huge part of my life. Ive been fortnate enough to be traveling all over the place. Within the last five and a half months, i've been to the east, west and back. all of this includes Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Switzerland/Italy, Lake Tahoe, and London... with a few more on the way. I've decided to live 25 big, make it memorable. So far, it definitely has been memorable and i've definitely had good times, along with some pretty crazy times. Both crazy bad and both crazy good. hopefully the next 6 months will be better than the first.

i've tried so long to turn over a new leaf and move on. life has been kind of messy for the last 6+ months. So many people have come and gone in my life. a good friend had always said, "i believe that people enter into your life for a reason, they're there to serve a purpose". Some are there to teach you a lesson, some are there to show love and support, and some stay for a very long time. I'm so used to getting hurt so often in the last few months that it just doesnt even hurt anymore. i'm so numb and all i want is to feel again. [taio cruz - feel again]

i'm working on myself, improving myself, improving long lasting friendships and family relationships. i wanna be better, and stronger. [taio cruz - i can be] life doenst come easy and this is just another chapter that i need to close out and move forward with. so this is my declaration... i'm done being second, i'm done being used, i'm done being a back up... its time to set my own goals and find my priorities. hopefully one day, someone will come into my life and their goals and priorities will be in line with mine. time to be me.