Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not much of a writer

I'm not exactly much of a writer but when I read other people's blogs, it inspires me to write on my own. I've neglected this blog for a long time now, perhaps its because it reminds me of when I was in Japan. Living in Japan has made me realize how much I absolutely adore being home. Even though things become boring and unexciting after a while, but that happens when you are anywhere. If I had my choice, I'd pick up and move to Taiwan. Being that I have an awesome boyfriend who keeps me sane, its harder to just pick up at leave now.

Today, I hung out with a good friend who I keep in touch with and see every few weeks. Shes just one of those people that can make you feel comfortable even if you talk about a tough subject. She can make you laugh and cry all at once. There are just those people who you can get together with and its like you never left each other. Its like you can just go back to the last conversation you had and everything is the same. shes just one of these people. People come and go in life but only the important ones stay forever. As a friend, I always try to be there for my friends when they are in need. I know everyone is busy but sometimes when I need my friends, they're not around. It sucks but thats life right? There are also people I wish I can see more often but friendships are a two way street. If you dont put in the effort to make plans, I wont either because I wont see the worth in that friendship. Is that too harsh?

Anyway, maybe i'm just a hot mess. I miss Japan, I miss Hong Kong, I miss Taiwan but I wouldnt change the past for the world. It makes me me and if you dont like it, too bad.

With the holidays around the corner, it excites me to see all the decorations and all the holiday cheer. Ice skating, snowboarding, hot chocolate, and rockefeller xmas tree are all coming up. I cant wait for all the lights and the city to be fully decorated. Happpppy Early Holidays!! <3